Showcase your favorite sneakers the futuristic way with our brand new Floating Sneaker Display,

The world’s first floating sneaker display uses new technology to display your sneakers like never before, levitating and even spinning!

By manipulating magnet currents and using small airflow, we made it possible to let your favourite sneakers float and spin like never before.

Our Sneaker Display is compatible with all your favorite enclosed sneakers! Yeezys, Adidas, Nikes and more!

We also made sure to install a white LED light strip in the display to make sure your favorite kicks get displayed at their gloriest, whether it’s night or day!

We know how exciting nice sneaker collections can be, so this one is for you sneakerheads!


  • Levitation assist tool
  • Counterweights
  • Shoe shaping soles
  • Charging plug

Floating Sneaker Display®

HK$2,099.00 Regular Price
HK$1,449.00Sale Price

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